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Monday, April 25, 2005


If you were one of the people like myself who initially passed on the CG version of the APPLESEED anime beause it didn't "look" anime enough - suck it up and shell out the cash for the DVD on May 10th - because I just saw it and its AMAZING! I've been wary of anime lately because I have seen too much crap, but I just picked up an advance copy of this and have to say it exceeded my expectations - it isnt the most revolutionary story (but then again the manga was published ages ago and everyone has copied the ideas from that making this story seem to be a bit cliched.) But you must see how amazingly they have brought Braireos to CG life and how seemless the human characters look in anime. The action is top notch and it follows a typical Hollywood movie path, but it is still enjoyable and definitely worth a space in your anime DVD collection.

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