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Saturday, April 30, 2005


This is it STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE fans (yes you 2 in the corner) - Part 2 of "In a Mirror Darkly" - not as crazy cool as Part 1 but still the best that I've seen on Enterprise. We get to see the core cast in the Classic Trek outfits and a guest-starring alien from Classic Trek that they just HAD to do. These episodes are pure Classic Trek Fan Service - and oh why couldn't they have done it sooner? Looking forward to see what Peter "Robocop" Weller does in the next episode and we'll be back with coverage on the series finale in 3 weeks!


Now you can live in the Mirror Universe - so much cool Mirror Universe stuff is out now - check out the DESKTOP WALLPAPER and even lots of T-SHIRTS, CAPS and MOUSEPADS here. This site has tons of screencaps from Part 1

And read this clip from King Idiot Rick Berman has to say about Trek:

"And I think that after 18 years and 624 hours of STAR TREK the audience began to have a little bit of overkill with STAR TREK, and I think that had a lot to do with it. And I think if you take a look at the last feature film we did, NEMESIS, which I still believe was a fine movie, it did two-thirds the business that the previous films had done. So I think it's, again, another example of the franchise getting a little bit tired."
This guy is the most dense person working in entertainment - I blame him and his gay cohort on the destruction of this franchise. You can see from the ratings that "In A Mirror Darkly" was a success because it was GOOD. The rest of the episodes AND Nemesis = BAD...this guy just doens't get it. MANNY COTO, oh please let Paramount ask you to revive the franchise next year.


What did I tell you? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS rules the world, you don't see any Spidey Motels or Hulk Diners - now here is the very first NICK HOTEL!!! What the hell? A Nick Hotel? If the bellboy is PATRICK THE STARFISH I'm either leaving or moving in! Check out the Virtual Tour here!

The first-ever Nickelodeon-branded resort is set to open here Memorial Day Weekend (May 27-30). The $110 million complex designed exclusively for families is a natural alignment of two widely successful brands with common goals and a vision of a world where kids lead: Nickelodeon and Holiday Inn.


Man do I feel old - it's the 10th ANNIVERSARY of the 1st TOY STORY movie?

Toy Story, the landmark computer-animated film from Disney and Pixar, turns 10 this fall, with a two-disc 10th Anniversary Edition DVD set to arrive in stores Sept. 6.

A bonus featurette, The Legacy of Toy Story, includes interviews with celebrated filmmakers on the importance of the film, credited with launching the trend away from traditional hand-drawn animation.

Both the movie's picture and sound quality have been bumped up. Advanced video technology provides a higher digital "bit rate," and the sound has been enhanced by Lucasfilm's Gary Rydstrom, winner of seven Academy Awards and a member of the Toy Story production team. Other special features on the $30 DVD include a new "making of" documentary, 10 deleted scenes, early animation tests and a new music video of Lyle Lovett and Randy Newman singing You've Got a Friend in Me.

- USA Today


FPS is the only site I've seen that actualy posted pix from the TOKYO ANIME SHOW that happened a couple of weeks back. So check out a glimpse of what it looks like and what might be the next big thing here.


I am really looking forward to THE ADVENTURES OF SHARK BOY AND LAVA GIRL IN 3D - I don't know why...maybe because I loved Spy Kids 1 and 2 (I hope this one isnt as bad as SK3) and the idea that these are new superhero type characters for little kids to look up to and it looks quite imaginative which is what we need to see on the Big Screen. 2 things going for it: It's original so fanboys cannot nitpick every minor detail about the story and that Shark Boy origin is brilliant.

Check out the trailer here and then if you like go here and buy a set of pajamas...where are the toys though???


I can tell why this comic is #1 and sells over 200,000 copies each month - it's great! Although it seems strange to see WOLVERINE on the cover of an Avengers comic, to little kids who only know the main Marvel characters -putting Wolverine and Spider-Man on the Avengers seems like a no-brainer.

I remember my excuse for buying Avengers when I was a kid is that if I bought that I wouldn't haveto buy the solo books for Captain America, Iron Man and Thor.

But is April SAVAGE LAND MONTH at Marvel - the X-Men are also in the Savage Land in their book this month.


After reading the 159th copy of MAXIM/FHM/PENTHOUSE, I want a little bit of substance in my reading material when I'm on the can. GIANT is such a magazine and should be in the hands of all VIVA POPAGANDA readers. Go out and pick up the ew issue with ROSARIO DAWSON on the cover (the most risque shots of her are still from SIN CITY) and read pop culture things like:

  • PANIC ROOM was the biggest weekend opener for a Easter Wekend movie ($390 million over the first MATRIX's $27 million, 3 years apart)
  • Where the NIGHT COURT cast are now.
  • 20 Disturbing pieces of Entertainment from Asia.
  • Why Nicholas Cage chose LUKE CAGE as the inspiration for his last name
  • An OFFICE SPACE cast reunion
  • obligatory poster of LANDO CALRISSIAN.


Just remember the good times you had reading the comic book if you decide to catch the live-action MAN-THING movie on Sci-Fi on Saturday.

Its funny that Marvel signed a deal with Paramount just before this bound-to-be-crap film is aired and its too late for the Big P to back-out!

Friday, April 29, 2005


Until the second part of the STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE episode set in the Mirror the show that good or is it just Viva Popaganda's excuse to keep posting pix of JOLENE BLALOCK??? You decide!

Enjoy these pix while you can because a look at preview images at show that T'pol is going to be in the classic uniform!


Stan Lee wins what sounds like $10 million is a settlement with Marvel. After creating all the characters he did for Marvel its great that he finally got paid for it - but I still think he got ripped off. If the $10 million is just for the movie then that is OK - but if it was the buy-out fee for Spider-Man for all time, Stan got ripped off.

And I guess since that hit Marvel's wallets so hard they had to use some magical $500 million war-chest to start making movies by themselves that Paramount will distrubute (the only studio without a Marvel movie franchise.)

The Marvel news continues with their quarter 1 results - which are dull for those who don't care, so in a nutshell - Marvel didn't make as much money as the same quarter last year but with all the new movies and stuff they are still looking sweet. I guess alot of the future of Marvel will hinge on this Summer's FANTASTIC FOUR - because right now it looks like only Spidey and the X-Men are their cash-cows with the utter bombing of the rest of their films.

And if you didn't hear, Marvel are making cartoons too!


Jeez - with all this money that Marvel is making in licesning - in 2003 they made $4 billion in licensed products alone - you think they would have settled with Ol' Stan Lee alot sooner. Marvel is now the #4 most licensed brand in the free world...and we know that 90% means Spider-Man and 10% the rest of them.

But Spongebob still rules them all!


Sweet new GENERAL GREIVOUS statue from Sideshow - this bad boy is 1:4 scale and is only $450! What kind of box it comes in and how I wuld get this home from the store is another story! Or rather since they sell direct, either the postman will break his back or the postage charge will break your wallet.


Did you see this a few months ago? - the EVIL AND TWISTED new breed called LOONATICS were announced and now an 11-year kid is bitch-slapping Warner Bros back to their senses!


JERRY SEINFELD is coming back with his own CGI movie, made specifically for his kids no doubt! the BEE MOVIE is to star a bunch of A-list talent and hopefully cameo's by his TV friends Geroge, Elaine and Kramer - I would seriously disappointed if there wasn't at least one joke or nod to the show in there.


Konami apprently owned a piece of Takara - the Japanese makers of toys like TRANSFORMERS -and now they sold off all their shares in the toy titan!

Konami purchased the stock in 2000, when Takara was undergoing a period of economic stagnation. Konami used their influence over Takara to both improve the toymaker's management and strengthen their own character goods production. However, lacking a hit product since the Beyblade line of toys, Takara's profits have once again sagged into the red, prompting Konami's recent sell-off.


Wow poor Luke - didn't hook up with anyone excpt the 2 droids. Click above to see the full STAR WARS family tree and then if you want to check out CS's 50+ new stills from REVENGE OF THE SITH!


Toozone has a interview up with Greg Weisman on GARGOYLES - I really liked this show even if it did have Riker's voice in it. Season 1 is out on DVD now if you want to see this show that was extremely well written and interesting for older fanboys.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


This is it the final trailer for BATMAN BEGINS and its a doozy! Just check out how wrecked Gotham looks and how crazy Cillian Murphy looks as the Scarecrow - this is the Batman movie we've all been waiting for and I have to say this Summer has me waiting in line on Day 1 for at least 5 movies and this is probably the top of the list!

Perfect casting, perfect design - it just looks like a no-brainer, hopefully. And here is some more merchandise for you to check out because nobody can have too many Batman toothbrushes and a look at the Batman NASCAR - yes apparenty Bruce Wayne is racing in the real world.

BATMAN BEGINS opens across the globe on JUNE 15 - that's a WEDNESDAY kids! Moved up 2 days according to SHH.


If didn't see the episode yet, the image on the screen behind her should suck all Classic fans in for this 2-parter.


Depending on who you talk to this could easily be the shocker story of the year or the worst thing you've heard since "Spider Clone." ROB LIEFELD - famous for selling 1 million X-FORCE comics, starting IMAGE COMICS and starring in LEVIS 501 TV commercials - is signing up for a 2-issue stint on DC's TEEN TITANS series!

I gotta say that is exciting indeed as Rob hasn't worked on DC characters since he started out on HAWK AND DOVE. Love him or hate him, its time to see what he can do in the DCU and a team book was the perfect place to start. Read all about it here and check out his new site - if you can take it!

If I have lowered my reporting credibility by saying this is a good idea - so be it! I grew up on Rob's work and I know he is a bad artist and his anatomy doesn't work and that all these new TT pieces are all misproportioned - but there is something exctiting about his work, like Kirby's art - oops, that comment will get me into more trouble - so I will stop there and let you battle it out with all the other "Haters" here.

UPDATE: Newsarama just added an interview with The Holy One, where he reveals how he created Youngblood:

"Shaft was intended to be Speedy. Vogue was a new Harlequin design, Combat was a Kh'undian warrior circa the Legion of Super Heroes, ditto for Photon and Die Hard was a Star Labs android. I forgot who Chapel was supposed to be. So there you have it, the secret origin of Youngblood."

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


And to cap off today's blogging, here is another shot of the lovely JOLENE BLALOCK...only a few days to go till PART 2!


This is better than chocolate and peanut butter...together! GEORGE LUCAS will be guest-starring on THE OC just in time to hype his small film coming out a week later.

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith writer/director George Lucas will guest-star as himself on The O.C. on Thursday, May 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

During the episode, Summer makes Zach and Seth decide which one of them is going to take her to Harbor High's "The O.Sea" prom. But, after George Lucas expresses interest in Seth's graphic novel, Seth is forced to make the most difficult decision of his life -- take Summer to the prom or have dinner with George Lucas.
Sorry, but does Lucas' marketing people think this movie needs more credibility? Lucky its this thoug, better than having N'Sync as a group of Jedi as he wanted to do in Episode 1. I thought The OC was about cool high school kids getting laid in California, how is there so much nerd stuff in the show?


Entertainment Weekly has compiled a list of all the Summer movies so head over there to see what weekends you will be lining up at the cineplex and when you can stay home reading comics.


ASH versus HIGHLANDER - don't ask just go watch it!


I really love Paul O'Brien's comparisons on comic book sales - while he is just comparing data to data it is still wild to see how comics take huge dips in sales from a #1 to a #2 and even within the series and that you can see if readers were turned off after a certain issue.

The usual suspects are at #1 and onwards but this month we had the X-Men sequel to AGE OF I read some of it and have read message boards complaining about it - so the general fan consensus is that it SUCKED...did Marvel know this? Because they clevery released all 6 issues on a weekly basis allowing no time for the sales to dip due to bad word of mouth. This is good for them bad for the retailers stuck with all the left over stock:

8,10,13,19,20. X-MEN: AGE OF APOCALYPSE
Mar 05 X-Men: Age of Apocalypse #1 (of 6) - 95,902
Mar 05 X-Men: Age of Apocalypse #2 (of 6) - 86,777 (-9.5%)
Mar 05 X-Men: Age of Apocalypse #3 (of 6) - 84,021 (-3.2%)
Mar 05 X-Men: Age of Apocalypse #4 (of 6) - 81,808 (-2.6%)
Mar 05 X-Men: Age of Apocalypse #5 (of 6) - 80,798 (-1.2%)
Check out his whole list here.


The Trailer is UP! I never saw the show and I never really liked BUFFY or ANGEL and the trailer looks like an expensive TV show - like FARSCAPE did ON TV...and the only person in the cast that looks familiar is Mrs. Morpheus...BUT since I am loving Whedon's writing on ASTONISHING X-MEN so much and that this looks to be the only Trek-like sci-fi movie out this year I will give it a shot.

So I guess I better get the box set and hang out with the "millions of fans" to get better prepared for this flick!


We just spread the news on Volume 1 and here is the cover art for THE BATMAN Volume 2. Again JEFF MATSUDA = GOOD, WRITERS ON SHOW = BAD.


MEDICOM is releasing 2 new MARVEL 12" dolls - this time its Cyclops and Carnage, hop over to TNI to see the pix. If these dolls are anything like the first 2 (Venom and Wolverine) expect to be paying around US$200 for each. Man, are Japanese collectors ever rich!


It's was announced today that PETER DAVID will replace MARK WAID as writer on Marvel's 101st monthly Spider-Man title, appropriately titled YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD: SPIDER-MAN. I like Waid better than David but as long as MIKE WIERINGO is drawing it all is good - check out the excitement at Mike's blog on his new Spidey designs!


BATMAN BEGINS KUBRICK from MEDICOM - they look weirdly neat and I sually hate these block figure things. I bet the KEN WATANABE as RA'S AL GHUL will be the draw in Japan...has anyone else noticed that his name is not on the headline of the recent movie posters - this leads me to speculate that his role is very small like maybe 10 minutes of screen time at most.


Yamato is shipping the 1:12 scale SCOPEDOG now - its about $100 and up but looks ever so sweet. Check back to our archives to see the photo of the real scale Scopedog someone made in Japan and you will look at this in a whole new light!


$50 will get you all 778 minutes of Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles on DVD on 8 DVD's - a great series for those that like marines versus bugs! You know who you are!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Here is the DVD art for the widescreen DVD of Keanu's CONSTANTINE movie. I must say this was exceptionally well-done flick and I liked it the best of the second-tier comic book films like Hellboy, Daredevil and all the devil movies like End of Days, the one with Patricai Arquette and all their like. CONSTANTINE is a definite DVD buy and here's hoping that the Keanuster makes a sequel. So far the best movie I've seen this year and more than makes up for the kitty litter that was RELOADED and REVOLUTIONS.


JOLENE BLALOCK photo of the day - this is where T'POL with two dweebish looking Vulcan buddies storm in to free their Captain from the brig - and it ain't Archer! New photos everyday up until the second part of "IN A MIRROR, DARKLY" on Friday.

PSP MANGA DOWNLOADS ARE HOT! has announced that they have seen 12,000 PSP manga downloads in 1 week! And its not even real Japanese manga but ameri-manga, are people really bored of the PSP games already? Read all about it here!


J. Scott Campbell gives out some more inside secrets on his upcoming WILDSIDERZ comic book series:

Well, it would really be nice to poke through that really thick "Ultimate-Crisis -X-Avengers-Spider-Super-Bat" crust that's always up there and actually penetrate the top 20 with a brand new and exciting creator-owned book. Now, you may say that that's impossible in today’s icon-devouring fan and retailer market, but I remember Danger Girl regularly appearing in the top ten, and I would hope to be able to do it again.
Although he does sound a bit arrogant for having created a comic book version of CHARLIE'S ANGELS I have to admit he is right - if JIM LEE and GEOFF JOHNS and the rest could just channel their energies into their own stuff - and not let it be DIVINE RIGHT 2 - I think the industry would be better off. I do see things like WILDSIDERZ and Marc Silvestri's HUNTER KILLER and Mark Millar's WANTED kind of setting that up but they need the rest to step up - the only problem I see is that most of the creators that would do creator-owned stuff would shy away from superheroes or some kind of costumed adventure story when that is exactly what they should do.


One of the action figure lines I am most anticipating is SOTA's MICRONAUTS EVOLUTION line. And I found this interview about the line. From the interview it sounds like they will be 6" tall and cost about $20 each - and you know what? That's OK - I mean look at this BARON KARZA it's sweeter than sweet. I was not a fan of SOTA's STREET FIGHTER line or anything else they have done, but this is what every 80's property needs. The 4 Horsemen only slightly tweaked MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, this is the real deal and hope to see other toy companies follow suit - when THUNDERCATS comes back it better look as good as these do.


Alot of buzz on this design that was done for an article in WIZARD magazine a few years back where artists were asked to draw up an ULTIMATE DC. I think this is more of what people were expecting for the new SUPERMAN RETURNS costume.

I think classic is great, but for the kids today Superman shouldn't wear underwear outside of his pants and this is a cool costume that also keeps the essence of Superman and slightly tweaking him for today.

Monday, April 25, 2005


If you were one of the people like myself who initially passed on the CG version of the APPLESEED anime beause it didn't "look" anime enough - suck it up and shell out the cash for the DVD on May 10th - because I just saw it and its AMAZING! I've been wary of anime lately because I have seen too much crap, but I just picked up an advance copy of this and have to say it exceeded my expectations - it isnt the most revolutionary story (but then again the manga was published ages ago and everyone has copied the ideas from that making this story seem to be a bit cliched.) But you must see how amazingly they have brought Braireos to CG life and how seemless the human characters look in anime. The action is top notch and it follows a typical Hollywood movie path, but it is still enjoyable and definitely worth a space in your anime DVD collection.

Check out the official site for trailers and wallpapers!


We'll be showing as much of JOLENE BLALOCK from the 2-parter STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE Mirror Universe episodes everyday up until the second part airs on this coming Friday! Enjoy!


McFarlane Toys has announced their 2005 line-up and there is some cool stuff in there. As you can see it looks like this year Todd will be blending in some more mass appealing licenses with his trademark Spawn figures - sure its getting tired but they do manage to surprise and keep those toy shelves looking outrageous and hope they continue to do so for a long time!


Move over ROBOSAPIEN, here comes the Remote Control TESUJIN 28 - GIGANTOR to you American types.

Check out the trailer to his new live-action movie here!


Just when you thought they ran out of things to license for ALIENS - here comes $12 soap dispensers!

Each Alien stands at 18cm (7.08") tall and holds 12 fluid ounces of your favorite liquid soap. The dispenser on top is of the typical screw-on/screw-off design. We'd recommend rinsing the innards of the beast before using to rid it of any possible industrial oils or solvents used in the manufacturing process. Once that's done, Alien is ready for use. Pricing is at US$12 each.

This Week's Haul: SPACE GHOST #6

I love SPACE GHOST - so I wanted to check this new series out which kind of makes him more of a realistic character. It is neat to see Space and his villians drawn in a more relaistic style but I'm not sure it's what I like but I can bet that it would have bombed if it was drawn in an ALEX TOTH style (which I love but sure would not fly with the kids today) and I guess it was well received since it looks like the creative team has been greenlit for another 6-issue mini-series. If you are a fan you need to pick it up for the 6 amazing ALEX ROSS covers and for a different take on the character - if you don't like SG or that whole world you still might like the sci-fi elements but if that is what you are looking for I suggest the far more superior current ADAM STRANGE mini-series.

Anyways if you missed this SG mini-series, it's already being collected in JULY!

This Week's Haul: TEEN TITANS #23

(Note: If you read the series and haven't read this issue yet, don't click on the above graphic.)

This is part 2 of a 2-part story where GEOFF JOHNS brings back the demented DOCTOR LIGHT to get his revenge on the TEEN TITANS (no not the cartoon version, the regular DCU version where Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire are not really teens anymore but are in a group called Teen Titans - yeah, I don't get it either) In the previous incarnation of the team they could whip Dr. Light's butt inside of 3-pages, but because he has been unbrainswashed thanks to IDENTITY CRISIS - he wants to kick some teen butt!

Kind of a straight up story (although we meet the new all-girl HAWK AND DOVE team) but the clincher is the last page which is scanned above that will lead into the already sold-out VILLIANS UNITED. Johns is doing a great job on this book cutting his own legend on it like Wolfman and Perez did. I'm sure the Titans will play an important part of INFINITE CRISIS as well.

This Week's Haul: ULTIMATE X-MEN #58

Usually I don't like fill-in issues or ones that seem like filler or one's that subtley set up the real stuff that will happen in the next issue - but I have to hand it to BRIAN K. VAUGHAN - probably the hottest writer at Marvel that is still under the radar. I have been enjoying his run on ULTIMATE X-MEN so far - MARK MILLAR's run has been the one to beat, but with this issue I think BKV is setting something up that will really be an intense read. Also I just LOVE seeing Professor X using his powers offensively - he really is the most powerful character in's a toss up between FLASH and CHARLES as the one that could take out all the other characters the fastest.

Although it may not be the most physically exciting series - if they gave JUBILEE her own series then come on and give is a PROFESSOR X mini-series! And did I also mention that PREACHER artist STEVE DILLON draws this issue? It's great to see his rendition of some of the X-Men albeit briefly.


Wizard's new issue of Anime Insider - #21 - hit this past week. I haven't read it for about 6 months or so and I have to say it's gotten alot better. This is a guide for those who don't patrol all the anime sites on the Internet and want to just keep up to date on an intermediate level of what is happening in the U.S. anime and manga scene. I'll definitely be checking out the next issue as well.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


OK enough of the dude in the tights - lets focus back on heterosexual pop culture for a minute!

If I had to brave through almost 4 years of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE to get a chance to watch Part 1 of the episode IN A MIRROR, DARKLY then so be it! BY FAR the best STAR TREK episode I've seen in a...well...EVER - since Classic Trek! Absolute attention was paid to to the plot of this epsiode.

Where to begin? Of course with the new women's uniforms in the Mirror Universe, as so expertly worn by T'POL played by the super-hot-only-reason-to-endure-bad-tv JOLENE BLALOCK. But yes the rest of the episode was tightly paced and in fitting with the source from the original Trek epsiode "Mirror, Mirror" which all Trek fans cite as Top 5 of the Classic series.

I can't and won't spoil this for you - so check your local listings or your favorite BT site and watch this - super fun for anyone who has even remotely been interested in Trek and this episode even makes up for NEMESIS, INSURRECTION and the last few seasons of VOYAGER...its that good.

And to go a step further has recorded a commentary that you can listen to writer MIKE SUSSMAN talk about the episode in that DVD commentary way which actually is quite interesting and hope they do it for the last bunch of episodes.

From the intro riff on FIRST CONTACT to the new scarier theme song and title sequence to the sexy bare-midriff T'Pol and Hoshi to the shot of the Classic Trek DEFIANT and 2005 CG version of the THOLIAN WEB - this episode makes up for so much.

As I always said about ENTERPRISE - don't try and get my girlfriend or my uncle to watch it by making it less geeky - just amp it up so that you keep the fans you do have and keep them loyal. I mean they saw the initial ratings, everyone was on board (12 million for the premiere) - but because they tried to make it for everyone it just made the core audience leave. This 4th season has been a homage to the Trek fan with nods to Klingons, Orion Slave Girls and now this 2-part episode.

Long Live the Empire - see you next week for Part 2 - when Archer and the crew put on Kirk-era outfits!

Saturday, April 23, 2005


OK last mention on this whole SUPERMAN thing - here is a side by side comparison of the last 3 Superman outfits - and now with them next to each other Brandon's looks the least gay! But I still think Chris Reeve looks most like Superman from the comics but something has to be said about WB casting an Eurasian actor as Superman for TV.