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Monday, March 21, 2005


Straight from a new article in this weeks ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - Joss Whedon has stated that his film version of WONDER WOMAN will NOT be wearing her trademark "Star Panties"

A "Marvel boy," Joss Whedon never really connected with rival house DC Comics' Wonder Woman, but now the guy's madly in love with her and is gonna write and direct Warner Bros.' long delayed feature! "She represents something absolutely pure," says the Buffy creator, who says his Amazon will not, repeat not, wear "star-spangled panties" a la Lynda Carter's TV incarnation.

Good move Mr. Whedon - only YOU have the power to tell DC its time to change her costume, as you know that they will change it to reflect whatever costume you come up with.

Please, just don't let this lady be cast as Wonder Woman!


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