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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Too many bizarre time thoughts here - the Star Wars Midnight Madness has marketing people in a bunch and shows that marketing school wasn't well attended...everyone knows that Midnight Madness is on April 2nd...and that midnight of April 1 is when April 2 begins...then why do some TRU's report that they are beginning at midnight of April 1...surely a April Fools joke if you ask me. Its like the millenium question all over again!

Here is the checklist in PDF format of what action figures you will be able to get from Hasbro.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I've always loved the DIRTY PAIR and I'm one of the people who didn't mind DIRTY PAIR FLASH - so I'll definitely be picking up these 7" Lovely Angels from Yamato this fall!


Yamato USA - its about time! So many cool Japanese toys that can now be bought domestically at normal US prices...this Megaman X Capcom set is just too sweet for words!


Art Asylum is shipping their new Classic Star Trek wave now and here is a great review on the line. And yes that is the Playmates GORN compared to the new AA GORN....its funny because I used to love the Playmates one so much...


So many neat Yamato Toys images today - this second Batman series from artist Kia Asamiya brings to life more characters from his awesome Child of Dreams graphic novel which is the first time I can remember a non-American or Brit pulling off a good Batman story. Check out the 4 figures here!


Of all the bad 80's movies - this is one piece of news I am happy to hear. by way of Variety is reporting thjat master ninja Sho Kosugi is coming back for another one and this time it sounds like some big names are helping him.



This ain't the Human Torch - this is one of many images that have spilled onto the web that show why Episode 3 is going to be PG-13. Thank you Jar-Jar, without your serious crapiness George may not have thought to reward fans for their strength and give us a PG-13 Star Wars movie...if this is as good as the recent Clone Wars season then this will truly make up for Episode 1, 2 and Return of the's hoping!


Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Fox has posted the Showest Fantastic Four trailer here. It really does show quite a bit so see it if you want Johnny Storm flaming on spoiled and some other things...


Never saw any of the originals. Never had any interest in it but seeing the first episode of the new DOCTOR WHO I am thinking not bad. Its shot on video with cheesy effects but it has a nice sci-fi basing that will appeal to comicgeeks like myself.

The Doctor I remember seeing was that dude in the trenchcoat with afro - this guy looks more like Ralph Fiennes and the girl looks kind of slutty so I'd say it was a perfect match...lets see where it goes from here.

Yes I BT'd this one too a few weeks ago and it looks like they caught the poor canuck who let it out - probably a good idea since it generated so much online buzz - too bad they fired him for such innovative thinking.

And being a newbe, I'm not sure what a DALEK is but apparently they are real and threatening the UK government - better PR for a TV series I have not seen in awhile!

Monday, March 28, 2005


Just BT'd the first episode of KRYPTO THE SUPER DOG - and I have to say I was not especially looking forward to this show by any means - but it turned out to be pretty good and captivating to a 30-year old, so I give the thumbs up and espeically loved the Superman cameo at the end, as they NEVER usually do that.

Now I see why DC Direct is making these maquettes...might have to get them now - and really curious to see how they introduce Ace the Bathound!

Archived web info at Legions of Gotham.


I really like this show! The Venture Brothers is a fun goofy show - but you already knew that - but did you know its all done in Flash? Aye matey! Flash is getting more pervasive everyday!

Visit the Adult Swim site
Read THE WIRE's Flash Nation article

UPDATED: No sooner did I post this the first time early last week that Cartoon Network announces there will be a SECOND SEASON!!! So get ready for even more craziness!


He's not VENOM and he ain't CARNAGE - an all new symbiote Spider-character has emerged and you can preview pages to see how much MORE money Marvel will make off of yet another derivative of the symbiote character. Secret Wars is really turning out to be of historical significance.


More Star Wars news? ComicsContiuum is showcasing the SIX COVERS that will grace the April 1st Entertainment Weekly for their thrust towards Episode 3.

I love Vader but man Darth Maul has got to be the second best villain design ever. Him and Boba just can't catch a break with Lucas.


Wow that was fast! The much-maligned film Jennifer Garner-vehicle (and really not that bad as far as chick-action movies go - better than Catwoman, Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Tomb Raider 1 and 2 COMBINED, maybe its just that I love ninjas.) ELEKTRA hits DVD on April 8th in the US - already out in Asia.

Of note is the deleted scenes - well there was a big noise about Ben Affleck making a Matt Murdock cameo in the flick that was cut because just like the comic Daredevil and Elektra were going out in real life...but thanks to Fox they are letting us see some of the deleted scenese here and this is one of them - I won't make you watch all of them - you are looking for Ben in the "Come Back" clip. A heads up - he's NOT in his DD outfit!


If for some reason you missed CLONE WARS on Cartoon Network you can download them from their site here. Hmmmm...but if you dont live in the USA then you are screwed, which in turn I suggest you stick it to Lucas and CN and use BT to get them like everyone else on the planet.

Sunday, March 27, 2005


Sweet looking 10-inch rotocast Batman figure from super-design company Kotobukiya. It's already on pre-sale for $80 and is due out in June. Just stunning!


New Avengers #4, The set-up: Spider-Man and Luke Cage and the other Avengers have caught Electro in his civvies trying to leave town after busting a bunch of super-villians out of jail.

Love him or hate him, Bendis knows dialogue!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


New posters that just had to be shared!


Here's a brand new poster from - if you liked The Incredibles you will probably like this one - I for one am excited about this movie and hope its like Spider-Man in terms of story because the FF and Spidey (and Superman) have the best origins in comics.

Really, since The Incredibles was such a rip-off on the FF, Fox and Marvel will have to do some big screwing up to make this one fail!

Friday, March 25, 2005

FREE Comics and TOYS??!!

Every year for the past few years comic shops have been celebrating FREE COMIC BOOK DAY - one day where all the publishers supply cheap comics to be given out to hopefully attract new readers...well this year it's set for MAY 7 and not only are there tons of great free comics - you can also get a FREE MINIMATE TOY! As you know Art Asylum - makers of Star Trek action figures - have created the Minimate brand and apply different licenses to it - like Marvel and even Top Cow characters!

So get in there and get one - official site is here!


In Hong Kong they just seized 200,000 pirated DVD's of HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE and other anime like Dragonball, Gundam and all the cool new shows that aren't yet out on DVD yet - too bad they'll be back on the streets tomorrow! That's right - as you probably know the piracy business is just too big to shut down with one raid. 200,000 sounds like a lot but that is probably a week's worth of disc's...this is more of a "good faith" effort to show that the HK authorities are doing something to crack down on pirates.

Having bought them before I have to say that these DVD's are amazing - they all have English subtitles (although the grammar may not be perfect, it's good enough for US$5 a DVD) and the pictrue is super sharp. I've seen them offered on Ebay so if they are coming from HK I vouch for the quality - but can I say that you should only buy DVD's of shows that have NOT been properly licensed in English? I'd say things like NARUTO are fair game until you see the English ones at your Best Buy...but by then you may be too enthralled with the Dark Side to go back.


If you still want to re-live your 80's youth - then this is for you! This is one of Diamond's first new pieces for their recently awarded G.I. JOE collectibles license...I saw it up close at Toy Fair and have to say it is a pretty cool piece and looks better up close - its $85 and out in August. I hope all their pieces in this license are good, because I think Palisades did a great job with their stuff.


I won't link many music stories here, but I want to promote PUFFY because I've always wanted to see them live. If you dont know by now they sing the super-cool TEEN TITANS cartoon theme song and they have their own cartoon series! These cool chicks are playing a series of concerts along the west coast now - actually if you are in California you can see them over this Easter holiday!

Thursday, March 24, 2005


It took forever to greenlight a Transformers live-action movie, but today the Neopets toyline has been greenlit as a movie from WB. The reason I bring this up is because its a TOY LINE first and now being turned in to movie...second while it doesn't appeal necessarily to us action figure fans, to put the boys action figure role into perspective...NEOPETS has 25 million registered users at their website...ask Hasbro how many registered users are at GIJOE.COM or even at MARVEL.COM...then you see where the money is in toys!

MARCH 31st on FOX

Ok - one more pic of Eliza...!!!! What do I need to do to get you to watch it?!


Some people saw the first handful of Tru Calling episodes and banished it as crap TV - I was one of them! But I came back when they brought in Jason Priestly's "Jack" character the show took off like wildfire. Two sides - one trying to save lives and one trying to make sure they stay dead reminds me of the best comic books with the opposite player - kind of like that 80's Batman story "The Player from the Other Side" with art by Micheal Golden - a complete reverse Batman takes lives while Bats saves them.

So give season 2 a shot - 2-hour premiere on March 31st on FOX...unfortunately it has already been cancelled - but you can at least get a bit of the story and go and get the DVD's for Season 1...why am I talking like I've already seen it? I seems Australia has already broadcast them and they have been released via BT...and I have to say these episodes are really great fun so tune in - and if not for me....then for the hottie star of the show!


After disappearing through Season 3 and most of Seaon 4, Lena Olin is returning to ALIAS in the Season 4 series finale on May 25th. A big fan of the second season and the warped history of the Bristow family, its great to see Olin return and then hopefully for Season 5 as the current season has been quite lackluster and if its bringing in new viewers its chasing away the ones who have been faithful with it since it started.

And oh yeah, Victor Garber as Jack Bristow is the BEST television character ever created - he's like Nick Fury/Batman/James Bond rolled into one.


I guess I wasn't seeing things earlier this week, as it seems Mattel are in fact making all the obscure Justice League characters - including NUKE, WAVERIDER (or is that TAKION), and BOOSTER GOLD. Could this be there way of making up to the fans on the botched Masters of the Universe line? It must be or how else would we get an Aztek figure unless one of the execs lost a huge bet with one of the creative team at Mattel. I mean Toy Biz and Marvel are one and the same and I doubt we'll ever see a Mr. Immortal Avengers figure from them!

Mattel has won serious brownie points with this line!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


In an article in Superherohype today, Jessica Alba crushes all her male fans by saying she WOULD have gone nude in the upcoming SIN CITY movie...

Alba's character, Nancy, appears completely nude in the comic book, but Alba decided to opt out for the film. "I looked at the graphic novel and all the pictures. I then found out she was a stripper and was bottomless and topless and, nudity was an option. We could have done it if we wanted to, it absolutely was an option. Robert said that we could do it if we wanted to and obviously it would have been more authentic. I just felt like dancing around with a lasso and chaps was going to be sexy enough, I think being nude, for me, would have been distracting and I really couldn't be bottomless for my dad. He would disown me and freak out."

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


As reported at all the big news sites today, Thomas Haden Church star of the recent movie "Sideways" has been caset as the "villain" in SPIDER-MAN 3.

Well I may be jumping the gun a bit but who else is he going to play? Shocker? Vulture? Carnage? You know he looks like Eddie Brock - another great casting by Mr. Raimi and company!

Although, I will always see him as Lowell - the cheap Woody Boyd rip-off from "Wings" but I see he has led quite a career starring in such hit movies as "The Specials," "George of the Jungle 2," and "Serial Killing 4 Dummys" - thank GOD for Alexander Payne!

Review Church's Bio at IMDB


This is the biggest question-mark of the Summer. Yes, all the "popaganda" surrounding BATMAN BEGINS is great - from director to cast to budget - OK...but have you seen this? The Mattel BATMAN BEGINS action figure line? Obviously its for kids but judging from the trailers do you think its a kids movie? This the conundrum of the whole franchise.

I guess director Chris Nolan is looking to make the "definitive" Batman movie -and forget if it sells merchandise or not.

I know Mattel is huge, but why did they have to get the license for this? For once I would like to see a big movie property handled by a McFarlane Toys or Art Asylum - anything except the big 3 toy makers...but I guess we still have DC Direct!


And just because my buddy Mike is complaining there isn't enough Star Warts news - here is a reminder to watch CN tonight for the premiere of CLONE WARS 2 - OH goody more ADD addled annimation.

Okay, Okay I like the designs and love the action figures - but I think I will wait for all of them and watch them at one go.


One of my favorite cowboy characters is geting back in the saddle again with a new series from DC: yes people that is a Frank Quietly-drawn JONAH HEX cover!

At Wizard World LA, DC announced a new series and you can read about it here at Newsarama - I just love that cover. Of course Frank isn't drawing it but it really sets the mood of the series.

Here's to hoping he has a longer ride this time.

HOLY JONAH HEX DEPOSITORY'S!!! Click here to see the past, present and future of the Hex!


I wasnt necesarily a fan of the 12-issue series by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, but it was stylish and it did have its merits. So DC Direct is releasing these really cool action figures of the main players all done in Sale's style - very cool and very much bought! Coming in October 2005!

It's less than $14 at Amazon for the trade!
Tim Sale's Official Site


It was truly the comic book event of last year so why not action figures based around this comic series that sold tons of copies even though half the people who read it hated does that happen?!

Prices and release dates here from TNI

I wonder if everyone who bought the comic will buy these figures? And seeing as they are based on Michael Turner's art - which he only did the covers - is it a slap in the face at the workhorse that is Rags Morales who drew the entire series with every DC character in it.

If you haven't read Identity Crisis you'll have to wait for the trade as it hasn't for some reason been announced yet. But do check out:

Brad Metzer's website
DC's IC minisite


This image was posted online last week - even though STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE is being cancelled - they are really going all out on the last bunch of eps.

Looks like Archer and his crew are going into the Classic Trek world of MIRROR, MIRROR where they meet their evil counterparts or something like that. Whatever it is they will all be in the classic outfits like beautiful Jolene Blalock above.

Read and see more here!

I love it when a series is cancelled and then they decide to make the more interesting episodes because nobody is watching them anymore. If the series had started like this it might have turned out differently. All I can say is Manny Coto is the Gene Coon of today's Trek and hope he gets a good job this Fall.

Welcome to VIVA Popaganda!

This is it - tired of sending links to all my friends about what is cool in the pop culture world - here you go - the one stop place to see what is being hyped and my distincy comments on them - toys, comics, movies, TV and video games and anything else to geek out at!

Monday, March 21, 2005


If you are like me - you hate Superman - yeah he's like Captain America, standing for crap that doesn't exist anymore.

Then why does this new Bryan Singer movie about the Man of Steel sound so exciting?! While I have loved all of Singare's movies, I expect this to be his "The Village" or his "Waterworld" - with that I lead you to an amazing site - his Superman Returns production blog - with actual VIDEO of him on set prepping the shoot.

Go visit BLUETIGHTS.NET now!

Maybe just maybe it won't suck and it will be cool!

Wow look at DC - Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman all coming out within 12 months of each other!

HUH and WHA--??!

OK I give up - those look like the Hall Brothers to me...can this be true, a FANBOY is running the line plan for JLU at Mattel??? We must find this person and praise them where they stand!

I AM IN ELSEWORLDS! you're just playing with me Mattel - that really, really looks like an AZTEK action figure in there with Supes and a fleshy-colored SINESTRO...I bet its going to be a SPIKE-ACTION BATMAN when I actually get it right? I mean if that's Aztek then what? You going to tell me HAWK AND DOVE are next??? I mean puh-lease....


Can this be? A METAMORPHO and WILDCAT action figure from Mattel's JUSTIC LEAGUE UNIMITED series - surely you jest?! Who's next? Aztek: The Ultimate Man?

YO SIGMA 6??!!

G.I. Joe is finally coming back to the little screen - as G.I. JOE: SIGMA SIX! I have been digging these in-pack CGI movies that Hasbro has been doing and I really dig the style they are using on these new sized figures. So I guess come this fall I will be screaming "YO SIGMA!" along with the other overgrown boys of my mental capacity!

Read the news here!


I'm a big fan of the CUTEY HONEY anime series but was appaled at this live action movie version. Who was this aimed at? Not us 30-somethings who loved the old anime show, and not little kids - so who? Crap effects, crap acting, crap everything - see it if you are the curious type and something worse is on like Van Helsing!

Official Site is here!

If you must see it, then I suggest BT'ing a fansub version of it here!


Amazing Toy Biz Marvel Legends Photo Site!


Well I didn't go but there is plenty of activity online about it - seems it was a bit of a let down, but lots of great comic and toy news came out of it!


  •'s Photo Parade DAY ONE and DAY THREE - (they must have skipped the second day)


Straight from a new article in this weeks ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - Joss Whedon has stated that his film version of WONDER WOMAN will NOT be wearing her trademark "Star Panties"

A "Marvel boy," Joss Whedon never really connected with rival house DC Comics' Wonder Woman, but now the guy's madly in love with her and is gonna write and direct Warner Bros.' long delayed feature! "She represents something absolutely pure," says the Buffy creator, who says his Amazon will not, repeat not, wear "star-spangled panties" a la Lynda Carter's TV incarnation.

Good move Mr. Whedon - only YOU have the power to tell DC its time to change her costume, as you know that they will change it to reflect whatever costume you come up with.

Please, just don't let this lady be cast as Wonder Woman!


The show looks "iffy" but you cant complain that this isnt a pretty cool looking toy.

The dragon is 24" from nose to tail with a 8" figure - all for $20! Not bad - now hopefully the show is good to support it because kids need toys bigger than they are!

See more pix here!

See the Dragon Boosters official site here


We all remember MOON KNIGHT at his best in the 80's when Bill "Hard to Pronounce Last Name"Sienkiewicz drew him - well lordy look at this - ol' Moon Knight gets revamped in an upcoming serial in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #79-84.

This looks to be the right move with this character as he's had several chances at new comic glory that just never took off for him (like that whacked hard-core gold-jewelry take on him) if the character is busted ship him off to Brian Bendis and let him have a go at him.